Sun Data World Services

Sun Data World provides both Colocation and Cloud Computing, including Public and Hybrid Cloud services.


Sun Data World services are being provided from our state-of-the-art data centre facility located at the ICT Park, Addis Ababa.


Sun Data World insures very high physical and network security measures as per highest international standards.


Sun Data World has implemented 2N redundancy on power supply, multiple connectivity and backup links as well as network redundancy.


Customers using Sun Data World services rather than building in-house facilities have substantial advantages in the speed to launch.


Sun Data World provides practically unlimited scaleability to customers in meeting their fast capacity expansion demands.


Sun Data World services are paid on a subscription or on demand basis, with no requirement for up from CAPEX investments.


Sun Data World services are being provided on latest hardware, international brands, Vertiv, Cisco, Dell, Nvidia, etc.


With data being stored close to its users, as well as our high network efficiency, Sun Data World delivers high quality services with no delays.


Sun Data World prides itself to hire and train local multilingual employees who provide a high international standard service.


Sun Data World facilities, Cloud infrastructure, services and operations are managed by experienced local and expat professionals bringing highly-skilled relevant applications know-how.


With renewable electricity and optimised operating costs, Sun Data World is able to transfer such cost savings to its customers and provide very competitive pricing.


Sun Data World runs on 100% renewable energy and complies with all local laws and international regulations.


Choose from a wide variety of VPS options and configurations.

General Purpose
vCPU Memory (GB) Storage (GB)
1 2 10 Enquire here
2 8 10 Enquire here
4 16 10 Enquire here
8 32 10 Enquire here
16 64 10 Enquire here
32 128 10 Enquire here
Compute Optimised
vCPU Memory (GB) Storage (GB)
1 2 10 Enquire here
2 4 10 Enquire here
4 8 10 Enquire here
8 16 10 Enquire here
16 32 10 Enquire here
32 64 10 Enquire here
Memory Optimised
vCPU Memory (GB) Storage (GB)
2 16 10 Enquire here
4 32 10 Enquire here
8 64 10 Enquire here
16 128 10 Enquire here
32 256 10 Enquire here
64 512 10 Enquire here

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Sun Data World

‘Ethio One’

State-of-the-art Data Centre facility

The Sun Data World, ‘Ethio One’ data centre is a modular data centre where each module is self-contained in terms of grid and standby power and multiple fibre connectivity. The design of the facility is built on TIA standards and conforms to Tier III Uptime Institute specifications. The facility will have direct grid connections to independent substations supplied by two different hydro plants as well as diesel generators for power backup. Both physical and network security is of the utmost importance and cybersecurity measures have been implemented to maintain highest standards.

The Sun Data World Data Centre runs on 100% renewable power.

Key features:

  • 2N Power redundancy
  • UPS A-B rooms redundancy
  • Multiple connectivity links
  • Hardware and equipment as per seismic and altitude zone of Addis Ababa
  • Support technicians on site
  • Built for optimal efficiency of space, electricity consumption and cooling less than 1.4 PUE
  • Electrified fencing and security gate with 24h guards
  • Biometric access points
  • 24h Video surveillance
  • Early fire detection system
  • Latest fire suppression system
  • High network security

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Sun Data World data centre colocation service provides many opportunities for cost savings.

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